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The art of putting ideas and thoughts onto paper![]

Putting pen to paper (or more likely, fingers to keys) is no easy task. The blank page can be one of the most daunting foes, but writers take on the challenge of finding a way to put emotions into words day after day.

Writing is primarily done on the computer. Increasing this skill will unlock new Writing Interactions on the computer as well as the ability to Publish and Self-Publish books!

If you have a Sim reach level 10 in this skill you can unlock the Literal Genius Achievement.

Sims in the Inspired emotion will generally be better writers.

Unlock-able Abilities[]

Level Abilities
Level 1
  • Practice Writing
  • Write Children's Books
Level 2
  • Self-Publish Books
Level 3
  • Write Short Stories
  • Write Excuse Notes
  • Read Non-Fiction Books for Reference
  • Discuss Favorite Book\Author with other Sims
Level 4
  • Write Poems
  • Write Love Emails to other Sims
Level 5
  • Write Non-Fiction Books
  • Sell Books to Publisher
  • Recite Love Poetry with other Sims
Level 6
  • Write Screenplays
Level 7
  • Write Fantasy Books
  • Enthuse about Iambic Pentameter with other Sims
Level 8
  • Write Science Fiction Books
Level 9
  • Write Mystery Books
  • Submit Books to Literary Digest
Level 10
  • Write Biography
  • Mentor other Sims in Writing