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Webmaster is an Aspiration Reward Trait. Sims will this unique reward trait when they succesfully complete "Computer Whiz" from the aspiration Knowledge. There is no limit on the number of aspirations that can be completed, and thus no limit on the number of aspiration reward traits that can be earned. To complete an aspiration, sims are expected to complete milestones. Webmaster unlocks three new interactions that can be performed with a computer:

  • Internet Stalk (Under Socialize...): Lets a Sim learn all the Traits of a known Sim (must be at least an Acquaintance) without needing to engage in conversation.
  • Earn Money Turking (Under Web...): The Sim earns money completing various online tasks. Money will be added to the household account at random intervals while the task is ongoing.
  • Research Binge (Under Web... > Research...): The Sim begins an intense research into developing any skills they have at least attempted (at least level 1). While ongoing, random skills will be raised at periodic intervals.