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Twins have been available in the Sims series for a long time. This feature allows you to create or give birth to identical sims, that don't necessarily need to have the same traits or aspirations.

If your sim has twins or triplets, you’ll magically receive additional bassinets. This will only happen if you let the birth process happen naturally and you do not click on the Give Birth interaction.

Aside from giving birth to twins, it is also possible to create a twin sister or brother for your sim in CAS. The twin can look:

  • completely identical to your main sim
  • have different genders than your main sim
  • completely different than your main sim, if you click the "Randomize" button or if you edit this twin yourself.
  • have a different age than your main sim (This is completely illogical, but it has nothing to do with real-life twins. If you change the age of one of the twins, you will simply receive a younger version of the twin and they will look completely identical to each other when they are the same age.)

Sims 4 - How to Get Twins and Triplets (No Mods or Cheats)

It is also possible to give birth to triplets.