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  • 2016-09-14• New side menu has been added to the home page's top header.
  • 2016-08-31Skills,Expansions and Worlds templates have been added to display build mode items and traits on the main page.
  • 2016-08-30..→
  • 2016-09-13• City Living's trailer has been released. The expansion will be available on 1 November 2016.

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Pre-Made Sims

Bob Pancakes Portrait.pngEliza Pancakes Portrait.pngSummer Holiday Portrait.pngLiberty Lee Portrait.pngTravis Scott Portrait.pngBella Goth Portrait.pngCassandra Goth Portrait.pngNancy Landgraab Portrait.pngGeoffrey Landgraab Portrait.pngMalcolm Landgraab Portrait.pngGavin Richards Portrait.pngJ Huntington III Portrait.pngZoe Patel Portrait.pngMore.png

Buy  Mode

The Patrician Icon.pngPure Simplicity Sink Icon.pngThe Amaranth Icon.pngThe Ambassador Icon.pngBrut Pedestal Sink Icon.pngRAW Pedestal Sink Icon.pngGets the Job Done Commercial Metal Sink Icon.pngBureau Sink Icon.pngCru Cabinet Sink Icon.pngOvum Bath Sink Icon.pngPoulton Footed Sink Vanity Icon.pngThe Divine Icon.pngWunda Kitchen Sink Icon.pngMore.png

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