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Wellness Skill A major feature of this Game Pack is the Wellness Skill. The Skill determines your Sim's proficiency at Meditation, Yoga, and giving Massages. Practicing these three arts all level the skill, which gives you powerful happy and emotional moodlets to help your Sim get through a tough day. Having a Sim who can give great massages in the household is a major boon to every member of the family. It'll also save you on paying for spa services! To top things off, the skill offers a few unique recipes and social interactions that can benefit target Sims.

The following sections on Meditation, Yoga, and Massage are all covered on the Wellness Skill guide, but I am repeating them verbatim. Why? Even if a Sim does not master Wellness, they will receive massages from the Spa and get those benefits, and also benefit from taking a Yoga class to get a long-lasting Moodlet. Meditation is much more specific to Sims who are going to master the Skill, however.