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Image Skill Description Expansion
Programming.png Programming You can make better viruses, applications and video games with a higher programming skill. Base Game.png
Fitness.png Fitness Run, jog and swim faster by leveling up your fitness skill. Base Game.png
Piano.png Piano Sims can learn piano songs, new musical interactions, and even create new songs of their own. Base Game.png
Writing.png Writing Enjoy the benefits of an expanded vocabulary and grammatically correct sentences! Base Game.png
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Baking.png Baking Combine butter, sugar and other ingredients into tasty bites that please taste buds and expand waist lines. Get To Work.png
Video Gaming.png Video Gaming Game your way to the top for bragging rights among your peers, or play in competitions for extra cash. Base Game.png
Gardening.png Gardening Grow, research and harvest your own plants for food or fun. Base Game.png
Handiness.png Handiness Handy Sims can repair, upgrade and craft new objects. All by hand, too! Base Game.png
File:Communication Skill.png Communication Skill Communication skill teaches toddlers advanced socials. Improve it by talking with others, and studying advanced Flash Cards. File:.png