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Make machines do your bidding![]

Almost like speaking a second language in todays world, programming is becoming more and more essential. Get ahead by learning to make machines do your bidding!

Programming is done on the computer. Increasing this skill will allow Sims to create Plugins, Games, Mods, and Mobile Phone Apps. Sims will also be able to Hack on the computer!

If your Sim reaches level 10 in the Programming skill, you unlock the achievement Code Monk.

Unlock-able Interactions[]

Level Abilities
Level 1
  • Practice Programming on Computer
Level 2
  • Make Plugin on Computer
  • Hack Llamacorn Listserv on Computer
Level 3
  • Mod Blicblock Game on Computer
  • Mod Sims Forever Game on Computer
  • Hack Lothario Trust Fund on Computer
Level 4
  • Make Viruses on Computer
  • Hack School Grades on Computer (Teens Only)
Level 5
  • Start Freelance Work on Computer
  • Hack Landgraab Systems on Computer
Level 6
  • Hack Work Performance on Computer
Level 7
  • Make Mobile App on Computer
  • Hack National Sims Security Agency on Computer
Level 8
  • Your Sim becomes better at Hacking, increasing the rate at which the task is performed
Level 9
  • Make Video Game on Computer
  • Hack Plumbook on Computer
Level 10
  • Hack Crumplebottom Servers on Computer
  • Hack Supercomputer on Computer