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Play and create beautiful piano songs for fun and money![]

When ivories need tickling and aural senses need soothing, a pianist is the only Sim that can help. Practice, practice, practice that Piano Skill and while you may never be a rock star, you'll be played in elevators forever.

Piano Skill is improved on the Piano

If your Sim reaches level 10 in the Piano skill, you unlock the achievement Ivory Tower.

Unlock-able Interactions[]

Level Abilities
Level 1
  • Practice on Piano
Level 2
  • Rhapsodize about Piano Sonatas with other Sims
  • Research The Piano on the Computer
  • Appreciate Classical Music on Stereo
Level 3
  • Plunk for Inspiration on Piano
  • Play Traditional Songs on Piano
Level 4
  • Play Concerto on Piano
  • Play Blues Songs on Piano
Level 5
  • Play Romantic Songs on Piano
  • Listen and Learn from more skilled Pianist Sims playing the Piano
Level 6
  • Serenade other Sims with the Piano
  • Play Post-Bop Songs on Piano
Level 7
  • Play Latin Songs on Piano
  • Promise to Dedicate Song to other Sims who you are in a Romantic relationship with
Level 8
  • Write/Scrap/Name Songs on Piano
  • Play Ragtime Songs on Piano
  • Jazz Up the Place on Piano
Level 9
  • Play Classical Songs on Piano
  • License Songs written by Sims at the Mailbox
Level 10
  • Play Avant-Garde Songs on Piano
  • Mentor less skilled Sims playing the Piano