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Walking, running, climbing, dancing![]

Toddlers begin by stumbling about, but with time they learn to climb stairs, and eventually run. Toddlers can gain Movement Skill by going places, bobbing or dancing to music or even Stacking with Nesting Blocks.

Upon age up into Child, Movement Skill will boost the Toddlers' Motor Skill.

Unlock-able Interactions[]

Skill Level Interactions
Level 1

Social Interactions:

  • Toddler to Self...
    • Wander
    • Take Clothes Off
  • Toddler to Sim...
    • Friendly... Flash Cards... Learn Basic Needs
  • Sim to Toddler...
    • Friendly... Flash Cards... Learn Basic Needs

Object Interactions:

  • Toddler to...
    • Tiny Teacher Nesting Blocks... Stack
    • Wabbit Tablet... Play Blicblock Baby
    • Stereo/Speaker playing music... Bob to Music
    • Stereo/Speaker playing music... Dance Help...
Level 2