The Sims 4 Wiki

Mods are modifications to the game that affect visual and/or functional elements. There is also a variety of tuning mods, that change the game play slightly like increasing the cooking speed or the speed at which a sim learns skills. These Mods are made by random people and they can be downloaded for free on a specific website or sometimes can even be put on sale so that everyone can buy them.

There are different types of Mods:

  • Tuning Mods
  • Scripting Mods
  • Lots and Housing (A lot of people don't consider these Mods, because these are already available in The Gallery. The reason why they are considered Mods, is because these lots and houses contain custom content that is not available in The Sims 4 itself and therefore are included in the downloaded Mod.
  • CAS items
  • Buy Mode Mods
  • Build Mode Mods
  • Programs and Utilities


Mods are known to be dangerous in every single game. They can cause performance and game play issues, but players also often forget what mods create which gameplay. Therefore it is difficult to determine which mods are the ones that are causing the problem. When something like this happens, it is likely that you have to delete your entire Mods folder and download them all over again. Common issues that often occur when downloading Mods to the Sims 4:

Issue Cause Solution
Sims do not perform any actions anymore. Two or more mods are conflicting with each other. This could be happening on a whole other lot than the one that you are currently playing on. Therefore all the sims stop performing actions. Solution 1
1.Press ^ Ctrl+⇧ Shift+C

2.Type "testingcheats on"

3.Type "resetSim *"

Solution 2

Delete the last added mod

in your mods folder. If you don't know

which one is causing the problem,

delete them one by one, until the

problem is solved.

Game crashes. - The Mod is not compatible anymore with the current update of Sims 4, because the creator has not updated it to fit latest patch.

-The Mod invokes an interaction on the wrong moment.

Game does not load.