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Do It Yourself![]

Handy Sims aren't afraid to use their hands to repair things when they break. They can even upgrade household objects. This talent for objects extends to woodworking, allowing them to create small and large objects on the woodworking table.

If your Sim reaches level 10 in the Handiness skill, you unlock the achievement Beyond Repairs.

Unlock-able Interactions[]

Level Abilities
Level 1
  • Salvage parts from Junk Piles
  • Repair broken objects
  • Carve Sculptures on Woodworking Table
Level 2
  • Can perform Basic Upgrades on Plumbing objects
  • Craft Furniture at Woodworking Table
  • Talk about Handiness with other Sims
  • Purchase Upgrade Parts on the Computer
Level 3
  • Chance to find rare parts from Salvaging
  • Can Carve a few more Sculptures
Level 4
  • Perform Advanced Upgrades on Plumbing objects
  • Craft End Tables at the Woodworking Table
Level 5
  • Lower chance of Electrocution while Repairing electronic objects
  • Perform Basic Upgrades on Kitchen objects
  • Craft Large Sculptures at the Woodworking Table
  • Brag about Handiness to other Sims
Level 6
  • Craft Dining Tables and Chairs at Woodworking Table
  • Possibility to find rare Electronic Parts from Salvaging
Level 7
  • Upgrade Plumbing objects twice as fast
  • Perform Advanced Upgrades on Kitchen objects
Level 8
  • Perform Basic Upgrades on Electronic Objects
  • Craft an Instrument at a Woodworking Table (if skill level 8 on instrument)
Level 9
  • Perform Advanced Upgrades on Electronic Objects
  • Craft Tubs on the Woodworking Table
Level 10
  • Always find Rare Parts from Salvage
  • Craft Toilets at the Woodworking Table
  • Upgrade Kitchen Objets twice as fast as before
  • Mentor other Sims in Handiness