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Grow, baby, grow![]

Become one with nature as your Sim gets their hands dirty by gardening. Find various plants around the world for your sim to harvest and plant again for their own use. Research your plants for their uses and what they combine with to make a new plant. Collect and grow all the plants you can find and you'll never run out of fresh fruit and veggies again!

If your Sim reaches level 10 in the Gardening skill, you unlock the achievement Green Thumb.

Unlock-able Interactions[]

Level Abilities
Level 1
  • Sim can Plant, Water, Weed and Harvest
Level 2
  • Research Gardening on Computer
  • Research individual plants
  • Water plants in a nearby area
Level 3
  • Sim gains fun from Gardening
  • Fertilize plants
Level 4
  • Talk to plants to fulfill Social Need
  • Harvest plants in a nearby area
Level 5
  • Take Cuttings from plants
  • Graft plants together to create hybrid plants
Level 6
  • Weed plants in a larger area
Level 7
  • Able to purchase Uncommon and Farmer seed packets
  • Spray for Bugs in a larger area
Level 8
  • Overgrow pruned bonsai trees to re-shape them
  • Super Sell plants in a larger area
Level 9
  • Tend Garden; combines Weeding, Watering, and Bug Spraying into one task
Level 10
  • Able to purchase Rare Seed packets