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Powerful relationships and conversations with your mirror![]

The Charisma Skill is learned every time your Sim engages in conversation with other Sims, no matter the circumstance. Given every Sim has a need to socialize, and socializing with Friends usually goes over better, this is a Skill that is helpful to any Sim. It's of particular use to those Sims whose Careers force them to build relationships to advance, but a Sim looking for a future husband/wife or just a good buddy to hang out with is going to also benefit.

Charisma Sims 4

New abilities[]

Level Abilities
Level 1
  • Increases chance that other sims will find your jokes funny
  • Get to know other sim's traits faster
Level 2
  • Brighten Day
Level 3
  • Donate to Online Charity
  • Practice Pick-Up Lines in Mirror
  • Flatter Interaction
Level 4
  • Smooth Apology
  • Cheerful Introduction
Level 5
  • Start Social Network on Computer
  • Practice Storytelling in Mirror
  • Flirty Introduction
Level 6
  • Sweet Talk
  • Upload Images to Computer.
Level 7
  • Ask for Small Loan
  • Repay Loan
Level 8
  • Invent New Hashtags
  • Enchanting Introduction
Level 9
  • Ask for Large Loan
Level 10
  • Upload Viral Video
  • Call Boss to Negotiate Promotion