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Writingsimmer Writingsimmer 25 November 2018

10 best Sims Challenges

Challenges in the Sims franchise is a fun way to really challenge yourself in how you can handle sims. There are so many ways to play these. The rules to each one are unique, but if you find a way to make it easier or harder on yourself you could easily bend rules. Challenges such as Runaway Teen and Rags to Riches are harder depending on if you have seasons installed and if thunderstorms and snow storms are involved.

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Writingsimmer Writingsimmer 24 November 2018

15 essential Sims 4 Mods

If you are a simmer who wants more than what EA has out currently for The Sims 4, this article can shed some light on some mods that will enhance your gameplay. There are so many ways to be a simmer. An architect, storyteller, or just a simple Let’s Player. All of the above can benefit from these mods. They include different life states, aspirations, traits, and even objects that make your build or storyline so much better and true to life. Enjoy your Simming even more!

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Rhino.Rhino.Rhino Rhino.Rhino.Rhino 1 May 2018

Hi! I'm Rhino!

Hiya! I would like to introduce myself. I am James, or as my friends call me, Rhino. I would like to propose a question with opinions. Do you think that I should adopt? I will clean up this wiki and make it as thriving as the actual Sims Wiki.

I know this wiki is inactive, however, if you read this please leave you opinion!

Thanks and goodbye! Rhino.Rhino.Rhino (talk) 16:02, May 1, 2018 (UTC) 

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BdeBoer BdeBoer 19 September 2016

The Sims 4 City Living is coming soon!

"From Willow Creek to Newcrest, your Sims have enjoyed life in the suburbs. The yard. The jogging. The large, luxurious houses. Don't you think it's time they move somewhere a little... busier? We agree, and that's why we're happy to announce The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack*, which releases on PC and Mac on November 1, 2016."

This brand new expansion has awakened many simmers and we're all excited to see it released!

Check our new article City Living for more information!

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BdeBoer BdeBoer 13 September 2016

Making The Sims 4 Wiki big

With only 103 pages, this wiki is in dire need of help. I am currently the only editor on the Sims 4 Wiki. This is also due to to the fact that this wiki does not show up on Google, not even on one of it's last pages. The community central advises to do a few things to make this happen: 

  • Create more articles and content
  • Create new and original content that others would love
  • The url of your wiki is very important.The url has been changed from the-sims-4 with hyphens to thesims4 without hyphens. Therefore when someone wants to type in "" they can find it immediately.
  • Advertise your wiki page.  I have shown this wiki to my friends and family. Ofcourse this will not be enough, so I hope new wiki editors will also do this.


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BdeBoer BdeBoer 30 August 2016

Adoption The Sims 4 Wiki

Hello fellow Simmers,

I recently became very addicted to expanding the Sims 4 community as there is not one solid community for The Sims 4. All the Sims 4 information is gathered up in one wiki called The Sims. I am busy expanding this Wiki as much as possible. As you can see there are more than 50 pages now and the Main page looks a bit vamped up. I have tried contacting the administrator, but I haven't seen any response.

Therefore I can assume that the founder is no longer editing on the Sims 4 WIki. I have placed an adoption request on the Community Central forum to take over this Wiki. I promise the wiki will look even better. If there is anyone who wants to have a say in this, feel free to leave a comment. I am open for all opinions...


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