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In the sims 4 CAS, when giving your sim a personality there are 4 hexagons. 1 big one and 3 smaller ones. The big hexagon is called an aspiration. These are a bit like The Sims 3's lifelong wishes, but you have to do tasks set by the aspiration, in the base game of the sims 4 there are 12 aspirations. New aspirations come with new game packs and expansion packs. There are levels of the aspiration and when you complete the last level on the aspiration, you get a bonus trait which helps you if you are doing something that was what your aspiration was based on e.g : If you completed the family aspiration you would get the bonus trait :Domestic, and domestic sims succeed better in family affairs. In the sims 4 Cats and Dogs there is one new aspiration, Animal the bonus trait, Friend Of The Animals helps with relationships with cats and dogs, although if you have My First Pet Stuff it helps with rodent relasionships . There is an Achievement if you complete all of the aspirations that you have in your game.